A single-story episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, episode 34.

In this story, we are introduced to a peculiar man by the name of Pither, on a cycling tour of north Cornwall. One of the strange things about this man is that he cares very much about how damaged his food gets whenever he crashes.

One day, Pither crashes into a car while in Tavistock. He then meets the owner, Mr. Gulliver, who, through a "stroke of luck", is just as interested about food injuries as he is. Taking Pither for a ride in his car, Gulliver explains that he works at an institute that is focused on creating safer foods, including a tomato that can eject itself when an accident is imminent, even if it is halfway down your throat. Pither is amazed to see a tomato ejecting itself a few seconds later...

Pither walked away from the crash with almost no injuries, but Gulliver now thinks that he is Irish girl singer Clodagh Rogers, known for her song "Jack-in-a-Box". Pither decides to take Gulliver Clodagh to a nearby hospital. However, the "Casualty Area" is constantly accident prone, and before he can be admitted, Clodagh grabs Pither and takes him away from all this.

That night, Pither, now in France, has set up camp in the woods, to discover that Clodagh is "more intent on reaching Moscow than on rehearsing her new BBC2 series with Buddy Rich and the Younger Generation." Clodagh is also talking about reuniting with Lenin, and that they should leave immediately. Clodagh runs off, and Pither catches up with him, right in front of a French family. Pither identifies Clodagh, at which point the French daughters, after asking her for her autograph, make a discovery: This is not Clodagh Rogers, it's Trotsky! Trotsky then runs off again.

Pither finally tracks him down in Smolensk, and decides to check him into the YMACA: The Young Men's Anti-Christian Association. The man at the desk is suprised to see Trotsky, as are many others there.

Meanwhile, Pither goes to the British Consulate, in hopes that they might be able to get him and Gulliver back to England. However, all the people there are Bingo-crazed Chinese, so "Bang" goes that attempt.

Pither returns to the YMACA to discover Trotsky has left for Moscow, so he can guest at a Communist Clambake. When Pither finally arrives at the clambake, he notices that Trotsky, in mid-speech, starts to change...he starts singing "Old-Fashioned Girl", and that can mean only one thing: He now thinks he is Eartha Kitt! The generals seize Pither for this, and stand him before the firing squad. Through another stroke of luck, the soldiers miss every shot.

At this moment, Eartha is now performing at the Moscow Praesidium. However, he starts miming to a speech by Edward Heath, and the audience starts throwing tomatoes. One of them hits Eartha in the head, bringing back his memory. Gulliver then runs off, in search of Pither.

The soldiers are still firing and missing when Gulliver climbs over the wall and is reunited with Pither. The firing squad then runs at them with bayonets


Having escaped the Russians and made it back to England, Pither and Gulliver part ways, and Pither continues on with his cycling tour.

And as soon as they're both gone, two animated monsters come out of hiding and dance to "Jack-in-a-Box".