A quite entertaining RPG trilogy created by Misteroo for OHRRPGCE, which has recently spawned a Flash movie by the same author. The original point of it was to poke fun at those who were new to the GCS, but since the inception of Joseph in ARFENHOUSE!!!1 TOO!!!!, things have started to change, and it has gradually become more based on randomness. Since the universe the game takes place in was created by a newbie, most of the characters' speech is barely comprehensible garble, usually in caps lock and with excessive amounts of exclamation points. The general cast of characters, in order of introduction, is as follows. The info is not 100% accurate, so as you may expect, several changes will probably be made:

HOUSEMASTER: The "hero" of the series. For some reason he becomes weaker physically as the series progresses, to the point where he can barely hold the HOUSEMASTER SWORD in the movie before dropping it.
EVIL/GOOD KITTY: The villain of the first two games, but by the time ARFENHOUSE!!! #!!!!!! rolls around, HOUSEMASTER convinces her to change her ways. Is best known for her BAT!!! ability.
BILLY: Seems to be the creator of the universe. He turns evil in AH3 and summons JINTOVMAHBUTT to conquer it.
PIKAHCU: Obviously a parody of Pikachu from the anime series Pokémon. Introduced in ARFENHOUSE!!!1 TOO!!!!, PIKAHCU seems to just pop up out of nowhere following the events of the first game.
Joseph: A man who has stumbled into the AH universe from another game, Joseph is the only playable character in the series with decent grammar and spelling. For obvious reasons, he really can't stand the series he has been placed in, and constantly complains about it.
DOG: Was apparently a hired lackey of EVILKITTY in AH2. Like EVIL KITTY!!!, he is convinced by HOUSEMASTER to change his ways and joins the entourage.
OLDMAHN: Based on Misteroo's dad, he is another hired lackey in AH2, and one of the "ELLIOT 4" in AH#. He has a brief cameo in the movie in one of the randomly generated "commercial" scenes during the moon cinema.
MAH FREEND AMY: One of the random enemies in AH3. In the movie, she is the major villain summoned by the Pincushion Man to take out the group. Has quite a following by fans of the series.
WOOGY: One of the guardians of the HOUSEMASTER SWORD along with WUZZER and WUZZIE ET in AH#. In the movie, he just appears randomly.

The official AH site is http://members.aol.com/sailoroo/ahindex.html, complete with the same newbie speak as in the game.