Well last sunday I went and got a tattoo. I have been toying with the idea for a quite a while but I never did it until now. I would mention the idea to my friends to gauge their reaction, and I would wonder where I could put it so I could hide it when I wanted to and still show it off when I wanted to. It occurred to me that if I was asking myself these questions then perhaps I would be getting a tat for all the wrong reasons.

Now things are different. With the things that have happened recently, my quarter-life crisis has hit hard and my resons for wanting a tat changed. I did it for and of myself and not for any other reason. I didnt even tell my friends. I put it on my right deltoid which is where I wanted it and I dont give a damn who can see it and who cant.

I had only one moment of hesitation - ( The guy had positioned the stencil and I made him wipe it off and move it down about 1/2 a centimetre. I apologised for being so picky and he said 'Hey you might as well be happy with it - its going to be there forever')

I am glad I have it - I find it acts as a sort of anchor for my sense of self. When I find myself wondering who the fuck I am it reminds me. Its there because I put it there. It reminds me that I am not the contents of my wallet. It reminds me that I am not my fuckin khakis.

The tat itself is the Kanji character 'Su(ro)' which means 'To Do'. (you can now see it here - props to amoeba_protozoa)
This has nothing to do with Nike. For me its more about what Gichin Funakoshi called the wondrous enfoldment of doing - the concept of acting for no other reason than to do it, to do it fully and completely and for its own sake . It doesnt matter what 'it' is - it can be skiing, dancing or playing guitar - at times this is my only refuge.

In the end I did it because I wanted to. After all the body is a playground.