Another day, another hangover.

We went to milwaukee this weekend. I have no idea why. We were told that it wasn't the most happening place. I wanted to go to Chicago but some people in the group were getting stroppy about sticking together so I went along with the flow.

Milwaukee was everything we were warned it would be. It was saturday night and the place was a ghost town. It reminded me somewhat of Canberra. We ended up in some bar that was doing its best to be funky but was failing miserably. The couches were freshly upholstered velvet, the rest of the decor looked like the lobby of a Great Western, there was loud Rumpshaka music, there was a buffet. I felt like I was in a wedding reception. Eventually It got too much and I talked a couple of the others into looking for a place to dance. This made me unpopular with some. Apparently we were supposed to enjoy hangin out with the group and hence not care where we were. I dont bother to explain that I don't like people

My misanthropy has getting steadily stronger over the last couple of days. I have contempt for everything and everyone. The whole damn town irritated me. We ended up in a club that I would not have set foot in anywhere else. Full of conventionally dressed drunk lascivious people drinking novelty drinks from syringes and test tubes. Shudder. Some insecure idiot tried to pick a fight with me. I briefly contemplated hurting him badly but his whole 'dont be disrespecting me' routine was too pathetic to even hold my attention for long.

We arrive back at the hotel at about 3am since the whole town has shut down and there is nowhere else to go. My from here on is a little disjointed due to extreme drunkeness.... I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth with one of the girls in our room...blank bit... we are still in the bathroom. We are kissing. I am just going through the motions...blank bit... I am sitting on the toilet crying. She is asking what is wrong. I don't tell her but somehow she figures it out. She tells me it will all work out. I don't agree but I tell her I do for her benefit.

The next day the others who stayed at the bar won't shut up about last night. Apparently they had a great time dancing on the bar and are so glad we came to Milwakee. I have never seen such a classic case of cognitive dissonance.

Later that day we drive through some of the residential areas. manicured lawns, landscaped gardens, attractive brick housing, the american flag flying in the front yard. It all fills me with an emptiness I can not describe.

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