Yesterday was the first day of the course and so at 8am I was given 36 little students to look after.( officially they are called participants but we call them pants for short) They are mostly fresh out of college and so damn eager its quite sickening. Eagerness is no substitute for aptitude however and none of them finished the day's activities on time. In fact most of them were here until 10:30pm, and of course since they were here I had to be here. aargh. I finally got them all out of here around 10:40. I was at the bar by 10:45. If this keeps up its going to be a long two weeks.

I was swamped by a wave of depression at about 1am but luckily I had drunk enough that I passed out before too long.

The weekend was good though. Went into Chicago in a stretch limo and got some rooms in the Allegro Hotel. On the way I saw a Rescue Rooters van. Apparently they clear drains of tree roots and the like but my Australian interpretation of root introduced connotations that i found most amusing. "Bad date? call rescue rooters!".

Anyway we started the night out at Kingston Mines. Fantastic blues but a bit subdued for people with as many recent late nights as us and we were in danger of crashing early so we went searching for a place to dance.

We eventually ended up at a place called The Drink. The front bar was absolutely abysmal but then I wandered through to the dance floor and in the words of one of my English companions it was playing "really bangin house man". It was too. We danced until about 4am, I swear that DJ was trying to kill me.

The crowd in there was a little strange for the music though. I am becoming increasingly convinced that Americans can't dance. They just short of shuffled and lurched drunkenly from side to side, and seemed to be somewhat bemused by us.

We created some interesting dance floor dynamics though. At first we would attract women. I assume this was because we were a group of guys who were there to dance rather than pick up and we were having fun. After a while we would be surrounded by girls, and this would cause an influx of males who were trying to pick up, and who would chase all the females away. Once all the girls were gone, the guys would slowly disperse and then the girls would start coming back. The gender balance around us kept fluctuating between wild extremes all night.weird.

Next weekend we are planning to go to the crowbar in search of americans with dancing ability.

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