Ok so here I am in my room in the Sheraton in LA. I have purchased net access through the hotel room TV and I'm now trying to get the hang of noding with a remote control instead of a mouse.

So anyway I woke up this morning, picked up my bags and headed off to the airport 2 hours before my flight like a good little international jetsetter. When I got there I was told the flight was delayed three hours. They gve me a voucher for a free lunch but somehow the novelty of that palled after 5 hours hanging round in Melbourne airport.

On the plane I was seated next to a family going on their first visit to the states, and I gathered their first holiday outside of the country. I tried to appear a little enthused so that I didn't put the dampeners on their great adventure but it didn't really work. The father looked at me and said 'All in a days work for you eh?'. He was right of course. Ive done this before. A lot.

So eventually we touch down in LA, roughly 5 hours before we left. It has always seemed to me to me a little unfair that you spend so long cooped up in a giant flying metal tube but according to the calendar that time didnt exist. If 14 hours in a 747 wasnt so close to what Imagine purgatory would be like I'd do this every day and live forever. (TWAJS)

I deplaned and weaved my way unerringly across LAX, through customs, outside and onto a shuttle to the Sheraton. I have done this before.

Of course this would be the last time if I take one of the job offers I am considering ( see previous daylog). Over the last 24 hours I have found myself leaning towards taking the offer from the small Australian based firm who specialise in OO and Java etc. It would mean no more company paid trips around the world, and it would also involve taking a quite sizeable pay-cut but Im starting to think maybe the work might be interesting enough to make it worthwhile. I am still waiting for a formal offer from the other large international firm I am negotiating with and of course for my present employer to present me their effort to entice me to stay. I'll never know what each option would really be like until I take it. All decisions involve risk. I guess I'll see what happens.

So for now, here I am in this hotel room halfway across the world with that strange feeling of dissasociation that comes with travel. I hope that eventually it will transform itself into perspective.

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