Warning: May be Triggering

Self Injury refers to the practice of inflicting physical harm one onself as a coping mechanism for severe distress or depression. It may range from cutting (with knives, razors, glass etc ) to burning ( with matches, candles, cigarettes etc) to hitting or even biting yourself.

If the primary purpose is sexual pleasure or body decaration then it isnt SI.

SI is also known as Self-Mutilation however self-injurers dislike this term as it has negative connotations and implies that the intent is to maim the body and in most cases this is not so

SI is a coping mechanism, and as such is no different to other coping mechanisms like alchohol, drugs, eating disorders and workaholism. It does not indicate any form of psychosis or personality disorder. It carries a stigma however and most self injurers are very secretive about it an may go to great lengths to conceal or explain away marks or scars.

The reasons that people self injure are varied and are probably unique for each individual however common ones appear to be
I first came across SI when I was perusing the personal website of a girl called nay, and came across a 'hidden' section where she described her prediliction to SI and the ways in which she injured herself.

My first reaction was 'Wow this girls fucked up'......... and then I realised that I do it too. For some reason I had never made the connection.

I have a small neat scar on my leg in the shape of a W ( or perhaps an M ) where I have cut myself in the past. I don't do it often - only at the times when I have been extremely depressed. When I have been falling, sinking, spinning with no way to stop - once this year and twice in the 10 years before that.

I only have the one scar because I have always gone over the same spot.
I wanted it to hurt: Physical pain I could deal with. Physical pain I could control - and it took my attention from everything else.
I wanted it to scar: I guess I wanted something to match the hurt I felt inside. Something I bear with me.

If you self injure you are not alone. Be careful.
I cant believe I noded this.