So here I am in the Auckland airport again, noding on one of those strange little internet kiosks. We had a huge tailwind comning from LA which means we arrived here an hour early. Which in turn means an extra hour hanging around on this concourse waiting for my connection. hoofuckingray. I have been to Auckland 5 times now and I have never left the airport. I could go and enter the guess how many blocks in the lego gorilla competition but Im saving that for when I get really bored.

LA wasnt too bad - I caught up with a friend who lives there and, just for a change we went drinking. I ended up passing out on his couch at about 4am so in the end I didnt make much use of that room at the Sheraton.... except to hold a phone interview with an HR person from the LA based tech consulting firm that have been sniffing around. We arranged that their construction manager would call me in Australia to talk further.

They havent made an offer or anything, but they seem very interested an I think maybe they will. This leaves me with an interesting problem....what the hell do I do now? I have already accepted an offer from a similar Melbourne-based firm and I have a meeting to discuss this with my current employer first thing tomorrow.

Sometimes I think i just want to take the offer in Melbourne. I love that city - I am not finished with it yet. I have friends there. Do I really want to run away again. To start all over again in a new city where I know noone? It isnt easy, I know Ive done it before. Besides Im not sure I really want to live in LA. Parts of it are funky - very funky indeed but most of it seems to be quite dull and dirty

on the other hand - What am I thinking? Here is the opportunity to go and work in the US in cutting edge technology. I want to travel. Am I really going to turn this down because I am scared of being lonely when I am lonely already? After all the last time I ran away it turned out to be the best move I ever made in the long run

Once again I have some decisions to make.

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