This was my 25th birthday. I kept it quiet. A few people remembered anyway, and they seemed surprised that I hadn't organised some sort of celebration.
"Its your quarter-century!" they said ( I wince since this is not what you want to hear during the old quarter-life crisis ) "Why aren't you out with your friends?"

Well heres why...
So lets assume I've decided to organise something - first question: Do I invite her?
No no no and no. I'm not ready for that. I'm not sure I ever will be. I live in fear of running into her on the bus. I couldn't possibly invite her and even pretend to have fun.

Ok so now - Do I invite our mutual friends? These happen to be some of my closest friends ( or at least they were ) but I cant invite them without it being painfully obvious that I haven't invited her. While this may provide me with a small amount of bitter satisfaction, Its not what I really want. Anyway the night would be awkward if her absence was mentioned or even worse avoided from being mentioned at all costs.

So perhaps I can just not invite anyone from that whole group. I could spend the night without some of my closest friends and hope they don't find out about it.. no I don't think I'll bother - I'd rather just get takeout and watch whatever crap movie is on TV.

and so that's what I did