I know a lot of people who have phobias but I always thought I was phobia free.
I am not scared of spiders,snakes,dogs,bugs,wide open spaces,small enclosed spaces or heights - at least not more than is natural

However recently I have discovered that I do have one, although its effects are quite minor.

I first became aware of it a few years ago when my flatmate came home wearing a pink fluffy jumper. I found that it made me slightly nervous.
Fascinated, I tried exposing myself to a variety of pink fluffy things and gauging my reactions. I found that my reactions were strongest with pink fluffy bunny rabbits and especially giant pink fluffy bunny rabbitsno no Im serious – I seem to have FuraRubiLapinophobia

The symptoms are quite mild – when confronted with one ( and it happens more than you might think) I experience a kind of weak hysteria and am torn between faint desires to run away, attack it with a stick or just point and giggle nervously.

My worst reaction was to one in a shop window in London, due to the fact that it also had very long droopy fluffy pink ears. oh those horrible ears!

It doesn’t bother me – as I said the feelings are very mild and easily ignored, but it does make me wonder what the hell is going on in my head