Well tonight one of my closest friends celebrated his 25th birthday and I didnt go.
I didn't go for a reason remarkably similar to the reason that I didn't do anything for my 25th birthday a few weeks ago. I didn't go because she was going to be there and I don't want to see her

He invited me with an email - there was a lot of subtext in that email. He invited me and then listed who else was coming, slipping her name in there among the others as if it wasnt all that significant. As if the rest of that list wasn't completely irrelevant.

Then he said we'd catch up another time if I didnt want to come or if I was too busy. As if there might be some other reason that I would miss his birthday other than that name slipped surreptitiously into the list in the line above.

And of course, in my reply I was equally non-specific. I just said I was going to have to pass on Saturday night. some other time. I didn't give a reason - I didn't need to.

Its strange that we felt the need to dance around it like that, but I guess I haven't seen him for quite a while ( after all he lives in the same house as her )

Anyway so rather than sitting around at home not being at his birthday I organised a dinner and movie with some other friends. We were going to get dinner at a little place in Chapel st called The Globe and then catch American Psycho at The Jam Factory. I was going to be driving and I agreed to pick them up.

As usual I daydreamed in the shower and I was running a little late as I jogged downstairs to my car. I jumped in, turned the key in the ignition and.... nothing happened - except for a sad whirring noise somewhere under the bonnet. OK so this wasnt good, but I'd have to worry about it tomorrow. If we were going to catch that movie I'd have to go back up call to change the plans - they would have to pick me up. I got to the front door of my block when I realised that in my hurry to leave Id left my keys in the flat. My car wouldn't start and I'd just locked my self out of my own apartment. I had no idea where my flatmate was - I hadnt seen him all day - for all I knew he'd gone away for the weekend.

There was nothing to do but walk up to Toorak road and catch a Tram. By the time I got to my friends place there was no way we could make the movie.I rang my flat and left a message for my flatmate to leave my keys in our letterbox if he got home that night.

In the end we didnt go to the Globe - we went to a shitty little vietnamese resteraunt in Footscray. Horrible decor but excellent food. Then we made it back in time for the late session of American Psycho, and when I went to check the letterbox the keys were there.

It wasn't a bad night in the end.