This tune can be used not only as a relaxant - but as an upper, too.

If you were to find a depressed college student, on the verge of suicide, holding a bottle of H2SO4 in one hand and a bag of acetone peroxide in the other and play this song for him/her, they'd be skipping along the road to the nearest flower shop, hugging and groping at everyone they saw in no time at all.

It's the nature of the song. It makes you happy. It gives you a light feeling in your stomach, such that you feel that if you were to vomit out all the food you'd just eaten, you'd be lighter than air and you could float off and befriend all the little birds and flying insects and sky-gnomes.

I was in the middle of a multiple-day noder's block. I played the song on a very large stereo system; now I'm up and running again, minutes later.