It started with StarCraft. There was some kind of game going on, but the enemy kept using these weird things I'd never seen before that would completely devastate me then fly away.

Switch to church musical practice. Some conflict about my hat, nothing serious. I was practicing with Phillip, lead part in last year's musical. We were dancing a dance that I didn't know, so I was just doing what he did. Then we all went outside of the church (there were more people now, mostly kids) and out into some beautiful garden that shouldn't have been there. I carried something with one other person across a parking lot in my jacket - it had started raining fairly hard. Met some black people who had also carried stuff at the destination - it had an overhang, so we waited there for a while, out of the rain.

Somehow we all got to some kind of showerhouse or something, apparently owned by my grandparents, but they were nowhere to be seen. There were some kind of dispenser machines on the wall, but their instructions were in Korean. People started acting like they were going to take showers. I wandered off to explore a bit more.

Flash to outside. Somebody is complaining about the quality of the shower, and how there were flowers growing through the cracks of the floor in the shower-room-thing. The person who (apparently) built or maintains or SOMETHINGs the shower place drives up in a black car, and annoyed-person and owner-person start arguing. Owner-person is some kind of giant insect, I perceive.

Of course, this leads to war in the streets of a damp, industrial city. After dark. StarCraft takes the stage - there are Guardians and Seige Tanks running around. The side that I'm on seems to be losing... but I'VE read the spoilers, and know how to win - I pick up a building with a caged door and (somehow) trap the leader of the other side (the giant insect-owner person, who I now perceive has light red tentacles and is female.) Then I lock it in place by pushing it down through the top of another, indestructible building. The top of the "cage" is open, and it seems like the insect-thing could just fly out - it has wings - but it doesn't.

A deep, dark dungeon. Insect-thing is struggling at bonds, and some nasty person who I truly don't approve of is planning to torture it and kill it for some reason. The nasty person has filled insect-thing's entrapment, in which it (actually she) is bonded, with matches, and is trying to light them to incinerate her, but can't find any other working matches. A little candle is placed by insect- thing for no good reason. By this time she's wailing and pleading and depressing me greatly. She reaches over with some tentacles and extinguishes the candle, then tears free (I perceive she's badly wounded now) and rushes over to a set of bars, locking her in, which now, somehow lead to the outside world, where it is day, screaming "My egg! I've got to lay my egg! Mama doesn't care as long as I get some before I die!" With that she grabs the bars with her tentacles and spews an egg out of her mouth, into the outside (I wonder now if that will cause her to die, but I never see her again throughout the rest of the dream).

Little, grinning, flying blobs follow the egg. Both they and it look like they're made out of clay. There are people in the street, but nobody seems to notice. The egg is slimy and blue-green.

From out of my line of vision, the egg hatches. What hatches out of it?


There is an ending scene with Gumby and some other clay-made things. One of them is very large and red and is tearing a clay car apart. Some of the others are doing similar things, but most are just standing there, maybe waving. Letters flash: "Claymation done by H. G. Wells studios."