In my humble opinion, one of the best Playstation games ever created. It's even Roguelike!

It all begins with a truly amazing introduction. It combines scenes from the game with beautiful anime drawings, and it's all synchronized with some of the best video game music I've ever heard. Ah yes, the music. All throughout the game, the music astounds me. It has little twists and turns and variations, plus some great harmony. It gets even better as the game progresses.

Which brings us to the actual gameplay. This game reminds me of Nethack; maybe that's why I like it so much. You set off to go to the mysterious Monster Tower in search of both valuable monster eggs and you long-lost father. Once you find a monster egg, you can either sell it for an assload of money, or hatch it to get yourself a new pet that will fight for you. Your hatched monster friends (now called familiars) will grow and level with experience, and can use all sorts of nifty magic. If you wish, you can have complete control over your familiar's actions.

Aside from your life as a monster hunter, you have a social life, too! As you start the game, you have a little shack of a house, the town you live in is rather podunk, and everybody hates you. However, with a bit of money, you can rebuild your house into a mansion and cover it with furnishings, you can build a temple and library and casino and more for your town, and you can gain respect of the townsfolk until you have an ungodly number of girlfriends (I believe the maximum is around eight).

So yeah, this game is amazing. You should buy it. If you don't have a PSX, I feel sorry for you, but you should emulate it. Yay!

Download the Azure Dreams music I ripped from the CD!