I don't usually have dreams this intense. The content wasn't too out of the ordinary, but I'm a fairly lucid dreamer most of the time. Last night, I had no idea that I was dreaming. It was so real.

My family and I were on a road trip. I don't know where we were going, but I knew most of our family was going to be there. And Ben and his parents would be there. That was the only reason I could tolerate my family in a car.

We were less than a few hours away from our destination, and we stopped at a really trashy downtown movie theater. I was a little upset, since I was so excited to see Ben. I remember, while walking to the theater from where we parked, having a conversation with my dad. For some reason, earlier, he had bought me another car. I remember distinctly saying to him, "Dad, is it okay if you take the new car back? I'd rather have my Taurus." He said okay, and somehting about it taking too much gas. (which makes no sense because my car gets great gas mileage)

When we got to the ticket booth, we looked at the movies that were playing. It was run by an guy about 16 or 17. The quarters in which he worked was completely unsanitary, but he looked like a normal person that bathes regularly, unlike his co-workers.

All the movies they had were crappy. We had never heard of any of them. Like the kind they released for television first. I think one of them was "101 Dalmations: part6" or something like that.

We left the theater. My brother, who had stayed a while to talk to the guy working there, ran back with a large book, supposedly given to him by the ticket salesman. I looked at it. It was an old book about dragons and such. It reminded me of "The Hobbit."

I don't remember much of the car ride. I remember seeing Ben's family parked somewhere, and him waving as I stared out the window.

When we got there, I said hi to Oma and my cousins and all them. It was really weird because everyone was normal except my cousins were really young. (preschool age) In real life they are all in their twenties.

I remember trying to fix my hair so it would look good when Ben got there. (which would be soon) I saw him walk in the door shortly after. I almost cried. I haven't seen him in over a year.

I got ready to run over to him, not caring about anything else. Then the phone rang and I woke up. (grrrrrrrrrrrr)