This is the version I heard as a running cadence during my time in the Corps. As NotFabio noted of his version, this cadence is none too popular with the brass or the Staff NCOs with any concern for their career, so you usually only hear it on platoon runs, if then. For the verses the guide would call one line and the formation would repeat it, but for the chorus the guide simply called the first line and the formation answered with the second line.

Grab your bombs and kill some people Throw some napalm on the square Do it on a Sunday morning Kill them on their way to prayer

*CHORUS* 'Cause napalm, it sticks to kids Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside

Aim some missiles at the schoolyard As the teacher rings the bell Look at all those kiddies cryin' As the schoolhouse burns to hell


Throw some candy in the schoolyard Watch those kiddies gather 'round Lock and load with my 2401 Mow those little fuckers down


Rape their horses, kill their women Eat their little babies, too We're Marines with M-16s So tell me who the fuck are you?


1)240 refers to the M240G automatic weapon, a 7.62 MM machine gun.