I know this write up has little relevance to anything, but I just wanted to write about how weird imaginations are in a weird way.

As I sit at my computer screen, the wall behind it seems blank. White. But as I look closer, I dive deeper and deeper into the world of my imagination. On the wall appear smudges that are only noticable when studied carefully. Each one of these smudges looks to be turning into an image. First, a grubby hand print overlapping the smear of a dead spider, looks like a marsh-mellow roasting. Then I notice a fly has landed on the wall. It stays dead still, scared to move, scared to fly, as I might swat it. I pick up a pencil and take aim. As the pencil hits the wall, the nail that I thought was a fly does not move. Next to it has appeared a pencil line.

I lie in my bedroom staring at the floral border. I look hard at a particular blue flower, and it grows eyes. Small puppy dog eyes. Then I notice a nose, and a lapping tongue. The small dog is looking to the right. As I follow its line of vision, I see a yellow rose. In a very strange way it looks like a bulldog with a russian looking hat on. Next to the russian dog there is a leaf. Behind the leaf is a plant bulb, forming a rather quaint little duckling.

I hear a ding.

This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down

My world of marsh-mellows and animals disappears in a flash, and I return to the unforgiving land of computer errors.