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mission drive within everything
Try to read the book, "Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys". (I am actually in Valley 1)
I am a student of Japanese language and culture, of raising 2 college age daughters, and the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute)
I did my grad work in California at several univ.
He whose words outnumber his deeds, know verily that his death is better than his life
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Oh, I guess I could say something here. What's on my mind today: I am slowly working on a gardening expedition of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. It is a fairly large garden, and after reading what everyone else has said about the 1200 page work that took Msr. Hugo about 20 years to write, there are things that have not been said on E2 to justify Ayn Rand's lofty exclamations about it.