Let's start out frank; I am not some raving fanatic who wants to bind feet. I simply want to end some practices I find offensive as a man and an advocate of gender equality.

Misuses of Feminism

1. Domination of men. A feminist is in favor of women's rights. A woman who thinks men are her inferiors is a small-minded emasculating bitch.

2. Demonizing homemakers. Strange as it may sound to those people who see women as lawyers and starship captains, some women (indeed, even some men) prefer to stay at home, taking a more active role in the lives of their children, cooking and cleaning. This is not necessarily a servile role; it may simply be a reflection of a desire to be more involved as parents, or preserve a more traditional family structure.

3. Prejudice against men. This is bigotry, kind of like what caused the calculated murder of ten million people. News Flash: Not all men are misogynists, rapists, abusers, philanderers or obsessed with cars, tools or booze. They are also not all without emotion, crass or stupid.

Please remember that there is a difference between a feminist and hating men. My mother is a feminist, and she is married with two loving sons. She agrees with me that feminism is about attaining an equal position in society for women, not the enslavement of men. Thank you for your time.