They say men can't pick up on nonverbal communication. I don't think this is true, but if it is true for you you'd better start working on it. Here is why: Nonverbal communication is the key to good physical intimacy, especially if your partner is a woman. One of the most difficult things about making love to a woman (I would suppose) is that we change all the time. During certain times of the month, many women's breasts are hyper-sensitive. This makes light caresses feel incredible, but makes teeth-nibbling and such quite unbearable. Fatigue and so on also can change how a woman wants to be touched at any given moment. So paying attention to the sounds and facial expressions of your lover is extremely important; if your nonverbal skills are lacking, ask questions for a while, but try to be learning while you do. While occasional queries are valuable, as mentioned in geeks make good lovers, constantly asking "Did that hurt?" is incredibly irritating.

Of course, this is true for women too. They just don't have the cultural excuse that men do.