I came back from parts of a get-together tonight. Infinite Burn, Jennifer, Aresds, Chris-O and LadySun met up in Washington Square Park in 1400 hours. The place was filled with Pagan Pride and anti-war protesters. All I knew was that I wouldn't know what to do with Wiccans, or I could pick on the anti-war types. Instead, I stealthly flipped off the protestors. They were protesting xenophobia, war, and everything else. If they want to combat the stupid people picking on Sikhs and Muslims, they should go to their communities and make sure they're okay. If the want to protest war, they should tell people about the oppressed of Afganistan.

We went to a pharmacy, the Metro Drug - because the place had a sign saying the place is going to be closed. But before that, my eye saw Marines in Alphas. Yeah, dress uniforms of black, red, and blue? What were they preparing for? One stood before two, outside a church - and they went back in as we walked into the pharmacy.

I noticed one store sold something pretty... inappropriate. It's the eBay board game! We have taken a look at the store selling board games and whatnot, and I wished I could check out the thousand-piece puzzles. Later, we passed on towards the direction of a coffee shop. Jennifer talked about her boyfriend and whatnots, and I had ice cream poured with a shot of espresso.

Jennifer went to see her friend after the coffee shop, and we went to Union Square in the direction to St. Marks Place. Window shopping was had, and I was given a pimp-style jacket and hat. It was very.. purple-y to me.

We went forth, with nothing else to do except to the south - to Canal St. The Industrial Plastics shop was closed for the day the moment we went there, so Aresds wants to go home. We took the subway to The New York City Noder Compound.

When we arrived (it was closer than I thought), we saw a Mariachi band in a church playing for a wedding. I took a very far-away picture of the band, and we went to see the band. They were done already, so we went back and announced our presence with WickerNipple and friends. We had dinner, and much slacking was had.

Everybody else was ready to go to the Bowery Ballroom to see Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire. I didn't have enough money to see the show, but I went out for a drink with the guys. Chris-O and LadySun have left already by then.

The rest of the guys went to a bar in the Lower East Side. I ordered a Martini made with Belvedere. Not quite the Martini of Death, but I'll call it a default. As always, /me misses Hermetic and it shows with the Belvedere.

Afterwards, I walked off to 14th St. because I didn't have enough to see Andrew Bird. I was drunk enough not to care about my lifelessness.

In the Union Square station, I saw a woman crying over the shoulders of a guy right against the wall.