Instead of going to the Café Edison as I planned this morning, I went to Joe Jr., a diner closer to Washington Square Park and NYU. Next door to the diner is a beggar and his dog. I walked by, and into the diner for brunch. I ordered a plate of spaghetti, and a cup of tea. I saw right across my seat a woman with a Hogs and Heifers tank top.

Once I was done with the spaghetti, I asked the woman how is it like to hang out in Hogs and Heifers. She said it was fun, and as long as I tip the bartender I'll be fine. I thanked her, and walked out to see the beggar again talking to a guy who's petting his dog.

I told the beggar that he's sitting right next to a diner... and I ought to get something for him to eat. I asked the man, "Hey, what would you go for?" He said a breakfast sandwich would be nice. I went back to the diner, and ordered a bacon and egg sandwich and a cup of coffee. I gave the guy the sandwich and the coffee, and I left.

I went off to the Sullivan Street Playhouse, by route of Washington Sq. Park. Right in front of the playhouse is a walking with crutches opening up the box office, and an old lady. The old lady asked me for cigarettes, in exchange of a small painting. I introduced myself to the lady, and I told her I don't smoke. I asked the guy in the box office when are the performance times for The Fantasticks, and he gave me a schedule. I thanked the man, and off I went.