Today, I got back into Manhattan since The Day the Earth Stood Still. I'll give you, the reader, a brief tour of the city...

I've taken the subway to the city, and the trains go through the Manhattan Bridge. I feel guilty seeing the clear view of the southern side of the island, with the billowing smoke rising from the ruins. The subway don't stop until 8th Ave., home of New York University. I came out of the 14th St. station to see the light of day...

Two police officers talked about the order of the avenues of Manhattan... First, second, third, Lexington, fifth, Madison, and up to the eleventh. They were standing behind barricades in 14th St. right by Union Square, with NYU security and the rest of the NYPD check ID cards and drivers' licenses. As Yossarian have said to me in #everything, you can't walk down there unless you're a resident. I guess that counts out me going to ABC No Rio for a while.

I bought a plastic flag of the ol' Stars and Stripes and wore it on my backpack. It took a while for me to keep it staying up and intact in the back pocket, but it worked.

I walked up to 31st St., to see Arci's Place - my first cabaret room and a home away from home. The first thing I did was to give Lori, the host of Arci's Place, a great big hug. I miss the folks running this place because I drank my first glass of red wine when I was 21. I told Lori to give the proprietor of the place my regards.

Dinner in the Café Edison was Matzoh Ball Soup, a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and a glass of soda. I was sitting next to a guy from Texas who was stranded in the city. I told him to check out the cabarets if he can.

I went to the Winter Garden Theatre to see if the box office people know anything about Karen Mason and the leading ladies of the cast. No word, but I'll keep the faith on Maryann Lopinto's word that everybody in the great big Cabaret family is okay.

I also went around the city to fine the fabled "Alwyn Court." It's a luxury apartment building in 58th and 7th situated right across Carnegie Hall, and it's the home of Jamie deRoy. I did Jay's rap from Clerks right outside the building, and kept talking like Beavis.

In 1900 Echo (7:00 PM Eastern) September 14, 2001 - light up a candle for the unity of the United States of America. This message has been posted everywhere in the city. Even better, if you know what time it is to correspond to 1900 Echo in your neck of the woods, light a candle too, even a Zippo lighter.

Last night, when I was watching the AYB video, I wanted to cry in happiness when I heard "For great justice, take off every 'Zig.'" For this country, and the countries who are mired in outrage - we will launch every "Zig" right at the leaders who perpetrate the idea that cheering for mass murder of civilians is good.