I'm sorry to say it, but I spoiled a bit of the night because I left early after Windows on the World.

To tell the truth, absolutelyI hated going to that place because I am physically too young to be in there. I'm a cultural outcast in this place. Everybody around me looked like 30 year old stock broker wankers with hot chicks and younger dotcom millionaires. Everybody smelled of money, and I smelled like crap. I've the money to buy something to drink, but the place shouldn't serve to a assfairy lamer like me. The place wouldn't serve to anybody who would get drunk, wilding out and being violent, but the bartender probably wouldn't serve to anybody who is not mature-looking or bourgeois enough. Who makes money serving anything to people who are underage? I'm surprised that stand/alone/bitch is not let in because of of her shoes. She would've blended in if she had my shoes. The smell of cigarettes didn't help either, because I'm coughing my ass off.

And the dive probably would've gotten me killed. Alcohol poisoning, a big fight with a rich urban biker, whatever. I would be dead.