Right after work at 1300 hours, I went to the mens' room of the Library Café to wash my hands. I came back, and the co-workers behind the front desk told me Lisa was in the ladies' room and was looking for me. I waited, and she signed in for a computer. I wanted to go to the campus anime club meeting today, but I dashed that off when pulled a chair and sat next to her when she was typing a paper.

Lisa was finishing a draft of her midterm paper, and I helped her correct and rephrase a few sentences. She wasn't very good with typing, so I asked to switch seats so I can type while she thinks up of corrections. We had a bit of a time breaking down the idea of intellectual and moral virtues from Aristotle, but I had enough of a mind to make things read better.

After wrapping up the typing work, we went off to the city through the subway. . . We had to transfer a couple of stations to go to midtown Manhattan, but I didn't mind. We talked a little about the shows we watched as much as talking about ourselves. Mixed with a cupful of silence, and we were cool. Lisa took a nap next to me, and I had to give her a wake-up call when the train stopped in 14th Street (Union Square), and we took another train up to 33rd St. - Arci's Place territory.

We parted ways, and I took the train upwards to the Grand Central Terminal, where I was walking and contemplating going to The (Probably) First-Ever Double Noder Birthday Bash Supreme with Cherries. I don't have a very good first impression of the birthday girls because they found each other extremely easier than me trying to find Ms. Right, but I can relent.