I was waiting for Lisa today. She's one of the girls who drop by the The Library Cafe in Brooklyn College. I met her last week, and I thought to myself the idea of asking her out to the 12th Annual Maber Mercer Cabaret Convention this week. I picked up two free tickets for the Thursday night show from the editor-in-chief of the Cabaret Hotline Online web site, and I am ready for everything.

This morning, I was waiting at work for her. It's very depressing thinking of the possibilities that she might say no. She could be busy, she could be taken, whatever. Still, I was afraid.

I was done with work at 1:00 PM - the student union building was opened by then after a damn practical joke involving powder that was mistaken for Anthrax. I mean, it's Brooklyn College - the educational equivalent of Siberia! I went in and met up with the Anime goons in campus watching Trigun.

The episodes of the day was something to the effect of a review of Vash the Stampede's antics... and one more episode about those insurance company girls watching over some land and claimjumpers and whatnot. Eh, nothing special. We walked off to the courtyard after the viewing, and I noticed someone...

It's Lisa! I can spot her from the brunette and red streaks of her hair, and the fishnet stockings. I was lucky she wasn't one of those conservative girls with that kind of dress. She was walking with one of the professors from the TV & Radio department. I walked up to Lisa backwards to say hello to her...

She asked me why was I walking backwards, and I told her I like it.

Remember last week, when I mentioned the Cabaret Convention?
I took out my wallet and showed off the tickets in my wallet.
"And I guess you're inviting me?"

She gave me her phone number, and I was happy. All I have to do is call her Wednesday to check when can I pick her up. She's busy during the day, so I have to plan accordingly.