I went to Masukomi and MizerieRose's raunchy little birthday party. The whole day was good, and it might spin off to possibly something for my birthday party next month, but who knows?

Boredom by Bus

I took the bus from New York City around 1:00 PM, talking to a guy who knew his share of computer building before being bored out of my ass watching some MTV-made movie. It's either the guy talking about his undying love for nVidia's latest graphics processors, or the movie featuring thugs, gangsta rap, and ballet dancers making my beloved Chi-town into a nitty-gritty war zone. Okay, okay - I love that city for the cabaret scene.

Around 6:30 PM, I landed in South Station in Boston. If I knew earlier about the trains running in the city, I would've spent less money taking the cab to the girls' home. I wasn't pre-programmed (studying the transit system and the locations of cabarets and diners beforehand) like I was before going to Chicago, but I'll have to deal.

On time and in the party

I was one of the first folks who made it to the birthday girls' home. Cahla dropped by, ansate (who I'll call "Leather Pants-ate" for obvious reasons), cowofdoom and his girlfriend Snowbelle also made it to the party with a cast of thousands!


When the strippers arrived, they were nice folks. If I remembered correctly, their names were Mark and Heaven. Mark gave us a lecture on how to fold our dollar bills for safe stuffing into his thong. Make sure you fold it so the sharp edges are tucked away, and you'll be fine. The birthday girls sat facing each other, and both of the strippers gave them their appropriate first dibs. When Heaven was done rubbing up Narbey from #everything, she pointed at me and told me to get on my knees. She wrapped her legs around my head, and gave me a good view of her twat! I wasn't too... immediately excited, but I liked it - Besides, I've only seen naked women in porn.

If I had the chance, I would've told her that I've never seen a woman naked in person, and I would've thanked her. I like it when she strokes herself and licking her fingers in front of Masukomi (and the spanking with a belt). Galt was unsafe from her "treasure hunt" with a dollar bill in his pants. I've got a lap dance that lasted through an accidental CD/tape change in their boom box too!

Mark was a great sport dancing with the guys as well as the girls. I gave him two dollar bills because he's a great guy. I saw his towel trick for the ladies too - he covers himself with a towel, and shows off what's underneath to the lucky person sitting in front of him.

Those folks danced on the guests for nearly two hours - that was fun. Cobie came in after the party, but he got to see lots of video game playing and galt getting massively plastered instead.

The way home

At first, I left the party at 2:00 AM because I thought the bus was leaving a half-hour later - but I was wrong. That time was for an arrival from New York, and the next bus leaving Boston to my home was listed as 7:00 AM. I went back by cab, and slept the whole night.

During the morning, I heard nothing. The girls were sleeping, the cats and dogs were walking around, and I had nothing to do. I dressed up and left for the train station going to South Station.