Hey. . . Watch my bag. I'm about to die!

That's what I said to one of the guys in the college mess hall when I dropped off my bag on a table before I walked up to a girl and talked to her.

She was wearing a blue halter top, a black mini-skirt, and showing really long legs. I thought a girl like her, talking to one of her friends, would be too busy for a minute with me. But then, I was like... "if I can't lead, I'll have to get out of the way." Well, I went up to her, and introduced myself to her.

Her name is Diana, a freshman and education major. Her friend's name is Nona. Well, the last I heard of the name Nona was in a TES schedule of events, but that's a way different case. Anyways, I told those ladies what I do (working in a computer lab, and traveling around the cabaret scene).

I didn't just only talked to Diana and that's it. I also talked to a few of the folks around us. One of the folks is a film student, and he wanted a cameraman for his next project. While the ladies went out to the ladies' room, he gave me his business card. "With a belt of marijuana for New York" was the tagline for his business card. It's from Allen Ginsberg. He mentioned that he loved Ginsberg's book Howl, and how he could've had a chance to take one of Ginsberg's courses.

The ladies came back, and we talked a bit more. I told Diana that always traveled to the cabarets of NYC, and I want to take her to a show sometime. She said she would be too busy during the weekend, but she told me to see her again in lunch hours during the first few days of the week. In turn I gave her my phone number. She said she doesn't call people often, not even her friends. Okay, I'll see her in person more often. I mean, she has long light brown hair, freckles, and really long legs... I love girls with long legs - reminds me of Ute Lemper.

I walked out of the mess hall, and I saw Diana and her friend talking still. She shouted out "And remember my name, it's Diana!" I told her to remember my name too.

Well, if the girl takes my offer, you'll see what we in the planet Earth call a first date!