Last night, I planned myself a bar crawl. Two bars: Doc Holliday's and Coyote Ugly. Before I went out to the bars, I had dinner - baked oysters and french fries in Umberto's Clam House. When I had my first drink last year, I ate stuff to... diffuse the drinks... Don't get drunk easily. I should always eat before I drink.

Doc Holliday's

I went out to Doc Holliday's first a a few light drinks. I had a shot of Jack Daniels, and a bottle of Rolling Rock (remembering that I should try something less strong to keep myself awake}. I saw a guy who was wearing a Quake shirt, and we struck up a conversation about his music work (he's a drummer, bass guitarist, and a songwriter), and video games. He said I should check out the works of Deep Purple sometime soon. I saw a few girls in a booth, and asked if I can join in on their conversation. (What are their names again? Ashley and Sheila!) They noticed my "Chicago: The Musical" t-shirt and talked about Karen Ziemba.

Between bars, I waited out for a while by walking around the neighborhood. I went to the nearest video shop to figure out if I can buy the first volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVDs.

Coyote Ugly

I can't believe this place was so close to the path I've taken to Bellevue Hospital Center since I was a young'un in the city. Otherwise, I waited out for a bit for more girls to come in to the place.

I made my first impression by downing a shot with one of the bartending ladies. Then I talked to and shook hands with lots of guys and girls. What? One girl has a boyfriend? I'll say hello to the guy too - he's pretty nice about it.

I saw all kinds of girls coming in later in the night. There was a girl wearing a black and red silk dress, and I like it when she dances with her girlfriends. I asked if she can dance with me, and she said she has a boyfriend. I was okay about it, but I was a bit stubborn when I asked in two separate occasions. Yup... It's the black silk dress that does it for me.

I saw a few girls standing by, with a few toys from their bachelorette party. They dared me to talked to one of the friends of Ms. Black Silk Dress for a phone number. The friends were too busy, but at least the girls who dared me meant good.

A guy named Tim became a wingman for me, helped talking up a storm with a girl who was staying in a Hostel in the city. The girl has a date for the evening, so we moved on. I thanked Tim for the idea, and went on elsewheres in this dive.

Those girls dancing on the bar were great, and so are the girls on the floor. The leg-locking, the grinding, the swinging, the stomping, so on, and so on, and so on.

I can't believe a few I had a glass of Cider from some of the girls. Cool.

Do you want to know how is it like for me to be drunk? I actually listened to people when they talked. I didn't just nod or anything like that, but I took things down to the firmware level. One of the bachelorette party girls told me that if I want to find somebody more meaningful, I should go to a museum, a seminar (like the ones in The 92nd St. Y), just anywhere outside the bar scene. I listened.