/me cues up cheesy introductory music:

Today is a day that will redefine the computers that are deployed in The Library Cafe in Brooklyn College.

We will have updated software!

Cheesy music ends.

The computer-savvy crew of the "Library Café" (me, and two guys -- the BSD-learing girl didn't join in) are going to update the software used in the computers. We've made a single computer with the new software, and made an image of its hard drive using Drive Image from Powerquest. Afterwards, we install the image to the other fifty-odd computers and manually adjust the settings and desktop graphics to those that identify the computer's number.

Starting tomorrow, it'll be a long day's night for me.

The best part of today at work is the fact that one of the campus newspapers' editors visited the place. She wanted to know if she can print a Photoshop file saved. Fortunately, the file is intact when it was read in one of the PCs, so it's was great. Being the nice nutty woman that she is, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. She also suggested that I should return the newspaper's office and be the equivalent of the System Administrator of the Macintosh computers for $60 a week... I'm not a mercenary, but I can use that money for some of my hobbies...

The software layout for the computers in the Library Café: