Today's original agenda was to take my Composition class in Brooklyn College, go to the PCExpo, and then get back home. However, this wasn't the case.

I woke up extremely early (6:00 AM Eastern), trying to think up an idea for a proposal for a research paper. Since the class has to do something on Gender Relations, all I can think of is "Women in the military." I haven't thought up a way to write the proposal yet, so I put it off for tomorrow.

I went to class, and took part in a discussion regarding issues raised by the Allan G. Johnson book The Gender Knot. My favorite issue was the idea that women are always submissive. All I can do is feign coughing and mutter a reference or two of some of the dominant women from TES would do wonders to drive the men to beg. Trust me, nobody in that classroom would understand.

I went to the Library Café in Brooklyn College, and read my e-mail as always. This time, I've taken a minute to say hello to a cute Israeli girl... what's her name again? "Maytal?" I didn't know how to spell it, but she was wearing a bright yellow baby-t with a reflective Playboy logo. She told me she's waiting in the café before aerobics class. She looks cool.

I ran off, to the subway station to take the train to Manhattan for the PCExpo. Took me a while, but I killed time by taking a few pictures of people and their reflections in the train car.

The PCExpo was big, but not as big as I liked - only the single big floor was taken. I didn't get to do so much, but at least the emphasis of the show is not "portable devices" - more like networking. I was followed by a troll who kept asking me why do I have to pay attention to tech issues like free software when I'm just a TV & Radio student... It's not about what I'm studying - it's how I link my work to the tech world.

I left the show, with barely a grab bag (MacWorld is probably better for that kind of thing), and I went to the Café Edison for lunch. I ordered a bowl of matzoh ball soup and some pickled herring. I also took a few pictures of the restaurant itself for my memories...

When I was done with lunch, I went to the bank to check how much money I have - $540! I went out to buy the third volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD series (that's $27), and I've bumped into Maryann Lopinto from the Cabaret scene... And she invited me to go see Seth Rudetsky's Broadway Chatterbox - the guests for the show were Mary Testa and Jonathan Freeman (from the Broadway production of 42nd Street). Okay... Now taking $20, I have $480 -_-.

After the show, I went and talked a bit with Maryann about the cabaret scene... Mostly, we were talking a lot more computer stuff than the cabarets.

I paid back Maryann for the Chatterbox show (because she gave me $10 first - hence the $20 being taken from the bank).

Off I go, back to Kit Lo's Home Office....