Instead of waiting out on my photography work to be finished until Monday, I went out to a darkroom to make a few prints for my final assignment.

Around 3:30 PM, I went to ABC No Rio in the Lower East Side of New York City for their darkroom. The darkroom's equipment was slightly different from the stuff I used in Brooklyn College, but I was a quick learner. Okay, the print development took more time but it's still good.

The only pictures I worked on derived from one picture I took last week in the Times Square - it's a picture of a blonde woman, and she's sitting on a bench. It's a picture of her looking to her left, and I took the picture behind her. In front of her is the platform for the northbound trains. The crowd waiting for the northbound trains is in front of her, but it's way blurry because of the depth of field.

Afterwards, I went out for dinner at the Café Edison - I had Matzoh Ball Soup. The soup made later in the day is better because of fresher balls... Uh, I mean balls of matzoh.

Later, I moved on to seeing Memento. I saw the film with the goons of Something Awful last week on Video CD.

I'm planning to get my prints back after work on Sunday. I'll leave work early, and then I can get to Rivington St. and back to ABC No Rio.