Today I went to the MacWorld convention in New York City's Jacob Javits Convention Center, which ended today.

One of the main attractions of the convention was in Apple Computer's Apple/MOSR/"Cube" Mac (which I called "Mac-in-a-Cube"). A whole lot of them was on display as well as the new iMacs.

I've made a grab bag of brochures (and one Symantec t-shirt), pens, and whatnot for one of my co-workers in the Library Cafe in Brooklyn College. He's a Mac user, and he wanted souvenirs, so why not?

I've also gone to the "River Diner" across the convention center. I loved it because it was also an old-school diner since 1945. Although the cook didn't make my hamburger medium rare, I didn't mind. The French Fries made my day because they were long, thick, and soft unlike the thin and crunchy variety.

I took a few copies of a set of posters for the new iMacs and the cube-shaped Power Mac G4, but I dropped off one set to the musical director for Chicago: the Musical.