Today is another new beginning for the Brooklyn College Excelsior office. The anchors that have held old computers, old obsolete equipment that served its time years ago, have been dismantled from the desks.

From the looks of it, one would expect me to be happy because I'm going to buy new equipment in place of the old. I don't think so.

My current responsibilities in the faculty computer lab AND the Excelsior can burn me out soon. I have to take care of computer duplication work in the former, and I'm shopping under a tight budget for new stuff in the Excelsior.

Surviving the campus bureaucracy through the Central Depository department is one thing, but I have to go through Excelsior brass again for buying new stuff. And the Editor-in-Chief is not one who is mentally sound to absorb the rest of the stress either.

In theory, I should be able to buy new software just by signing a few papers. Blammo! I would have a few copies of Apple this, Adobe that, and a replacement scanner. No, I have to get to the Central Depository to make sure it's cheap enough.

So far, my first purchase will be some memory upgrades. The only two surviving computers and the laser printer need as much as RAM as possible.