I was watching a play in a small prosceneum theatre. Onstage, a naked woman was talking to four half-dressed men in a locker room set. She was having a conversation, but I can't hear what they're saying. It doesn't seem like the men are having any sexual tension because of the woman, but they just listen. The lighting was warm, enhancing the colors of the actors' skin and the wooden bench set in front of them.

I was bored, so I walked out of the theatre. I was awed by the building the theatre is housed in. Black and white marble floor tiles, sea-green walls sculpted in waves, peaking towards me, and sinking in forward. I saw a staircase with wrought steel bannisters, and climbed up to a wall. I had to climb out of the bannister just to get to the second floor, spotting two East-Asian men dressed as butlers. More and more marble floors and sea-green walls. I had more to climb for sure.