• I was in a locker room, with all kinds of men talking to each other. They were all bigger, taller, stronger, and talking to each other like... just leaving me alone like everybody in a locker room should. A tall redhead woman in a long, pink prom dress barged in the locker room, looking for a man. She was walking around, looking at every guy in the room until she looks at... me. She was very tall, looking me and hugging me in front of everybody. She wanted me. I think she wanted me to take her out to some kind of party because of her dress... I think she was pleading to me to go with her... I can't refuse her offer, so I accepted. (fade to black)
  • I was sitting on the floor with the woman again in the locker room again, but the locker room is empty. She just sat there, pondering... She wanted to kiss. She puckered her lips like a little girl, and closed her eyes... I puckered up like her, and pressed my lips to her... I wanted to slip my tongue in between her lips, but not yet... I don't want to take my lips off of hers, but I want to say something... "Can you French Kiss?" Yowza! I can't believe I said it. She nodded, and kissed me with more guts, more daring, and kissed her back... (fade to black)

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