Inside a refrigerator, I saw my dad in the fetal position. I closed the fridge. The second time I opened the fridge and I saw him turned into a fish inside a plastic tub. The third time, i saw him turned into a chicken in the same tub.

I asked my mom what happened, and she didn't cared. She wouldn't tell me why my dad turned into a chicken in a plastic tub like he's going to be cooked. I had to hit her to force her to tell me why! "Goddamnit bitch, why the Hell don't you care about the old man?" I slapped my mother, and punched her in the gut and ran away.

I didn't talked to my dad at home in real-life, but I am still sure that we have a family of sorts. Nobody older than me lived with my parents anymore, and I'm the youngest one.

I saw my smarter older brother from North Carolina, and I hid behind him from my mother. I don't want to hit anybody in my family again, damnit! I guess he pleaded enough of a case to pray for the old man so he can turn into a human again.

The whole family prayed for my dad turning to a human, by lighting incense and covering his body in ashes. Yet, I can't pray because I don't know what to say. I talked to myself as usual, and ordered myself to run off. "Let's go." "Roger. Full speed ahead." I ran out of the neighborhood, past a park with ball-playing kids, and beyond.