I was leaving my mom, and armed with my camera I was ready to take pictures in a club. Jump from home to the city.

The lighting was warm inside and most of the colors are red, so I knew I had to push the film good. However, I can't read the film settings, and the batteries are shot! Nonetheless, I schmoozed with the people - most of them I know. Everybody looked like they're dressed in shades of red. I passed by Quinn Lemley, the Rita Hayworth impersonator - pretty nice woman, but I had more people to meet. I walked downstairs to meet Mary Cleere Haran, one of my favorite singers. I kissed her hello, but that wasn't enough. I kissed her on the lips, and they were inexplicably pink. I kissed her more.. and I tried to slip her the tongue, but I didn't. She turned away to make out with some other guy - a white guy, older than me. She was wearing a satin cream-colored gown, and the shine was cut through by the man's tuxedo as he wrapped his left arm around Mary. I knew I had to go. I didn't even take a picture.