but I just watched an episode of Boston Public tonight, and I am really, really getting sick of the mass media making people like me, people like us, into the villains.

The episode started out with the guy telling a girl that "she'll regret not going with him to the prom." Next, the guy wrote a "hit list" in his journal. What did the principals do? If they worked in Columbine, they would've expelled the young man and be called saviours. Actually, the principals wanted to keep the guy. The vice principle recommended the idea of joining the debate team. The lead guys who run the school are not the enemies, it's the father of the girl that was "threatened." He wanted the guy to be expelled. He treated the guy as evil incarnate. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, baby.

Back in real life, Dale Todd, the father of the Hellspawn who I quoted in Columbine High School (Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah, kill those faggots and you're a star!) wrote a little with a lawyer to good ol' John Carmack to stop selling games to minors. Mr. Todd has definitely barked up the wrong tree.

The "cheer" I made just sounded right for Evan Todd's "school spirit/zealotry/homophobia" speech. It is meant to carry on the Hellspawn's main idea only.