Today is the last day of Fall semester classes in Brooklyn College. That means the next week will be all final exams and racking up massive amounts of work time (more like 6 hours for a day instead of 3).

Last week, a girl in Media Writing class kept bugging me about anal beads after I have told her I did some shopping in Toys in Babeland. Last Saturday, I bought her a goodie bag -- my own gift bag containing a set of anal beads, a bottle of silicone-based lubricant, and a golden vibrator.

Yesterday, I have sent her the goodie bag in the end of class. I was hoping she will have the naiveté to open it up in the room, but she clutched it like she's going to run like a bat out of Hell.

Today, I saw her in the mess hall. All she can say is that I'm crazy, and she'll not use anything inside. I hope she's a good liar.