Chasing the Siren Song - An Abrupt End!?

Last weekend, I arrived in Chicago in unkind terms. Actually, my throat was sore from the Greyhound bus air conditioner running at full blast, and I had only enough money for one-and-a-half days after the hostel and camera expenses.

However, I've managed to take a few photos of Davenport's Piano Bar and Cabaret and they should come out great. Singer Tom Michael was the best of the show with his friends Cory Jamison and Joan Curto doing a tribute to Richard Rodgers - a little of both his collaborations with Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein II.

The highlight of the weekend was my photographing Mary Cleere Haran in the Ravinia Festival - all I had to do is ask the public relations dept., and I got in with my camera, tripod and winter coat (to keep things quiet). Since I had one roll of Tri-X to kill for the first few minutes of the performance, I took pictures using the whole spectrum of aperture and shutter speed settings. I was lucky my lens has an f/4 setting.

After the show, I told Mary Cleere about my proposed plans. I have $300 left in traveler's checks so far, and I could either go to San Francisco or home. She said "Go home."

I guess that means I have to rethink my road trip plans. I'd like to go to the Plush Room and all, but not now.