Chasing the siren song - Day 2

The morning was an exercise of surviving unconventional boredom - being show a new mall while it's opening for the day. Okay, you can see the stores open, food court restaurants preparing food, and a cart featuring board games. If I had someone who plays Mage Knight with me, I can learn a few things about them Swordmistresses.

My throat is being thoroughly roughed up since days ago - I feel like crap is going to stink up my breath. I've gotta get cough syrup before I go.

The photo store in Chicago has a new but re-marketed 300mm zoom lens for $219. I have no choice but buy it on Saturday.

Dinner was great - I had lots of raw oysters! Another friend of the family, one of the owners of a Thai restaurant paid for everything. I usually eat up to five oysters (because I can only afford that many), but 25!? I'm supposed to save myself for Mary Cleere Haran!