"A problem
precisely defined...
is already partially solved"

I need to vent, and share my thoughts of the day - E2 is about "everything" and I believe there's a chance that someone might read this and get a ball rolling....

I know, I know, I know - "I'm just one person what can I do?"

That's how I feel, and how many feel about so many things.

But in a few years I'll have 20+ hours a week to devote to some cause, which one to choose? That's a tough decision because there are so many things I feel passionately about. I've always enjoyed the "Cop chase" type shows. But lately every time I watch them I feel like screaming. I end up ranting and raving if any poor soul happens to be around to listen. I no longer enjoy them - by the time they are over I am so tense and full of desire to change things that I feel like exploding.

Here's the bottom line - and I will try to say this calmly - breathing deep.

These idiots run because the consequences OF running are no more severe than getting caught, should they not outrun the cops.

What part of CHANGE THAT does our so-called legal system not understand?

How many INNOCENT people have to die, or get injured before this changes?

For each and every person they put at risk during the chase it should be ONE count of attempted murder. PERIOD.

If the chase results were to be adding up like a cash register of years in jail years per minute - the incredible # of car chases per year would change drastically.

There are hundreds of people killed every year by people running from police for something like an outstanding warrant that may mean at most year in jail. For an ounce of pot in their pocket that might mean a year or two in jail. Running because he's stolen a car and may face a few years in jail for it...

Every time I hear at the end of these shows how he spent a year in jail... for his prior warrants. THIS after putting dozens or even hundreds of people at risk of DYING I just want to scream.

IF as this person were racing down the road like a madman he was counting years in jail for each car he almost hits, each person he puts at risk, and weighs that against the months or year he may spend in jail if he stops - some may think twice.

There are so many things that matter to me and are important to me but I'd really like to get a grass roots movement ,going, when time permits me in a few years, to get something done about this. What I'd like to see done about this is - whenever it's being filmed, and it usually is, each and every person put at risk during the high speed chase is counted as ONE count of attempted murder. Felon's within months after this being put into effect, will have to weigh the consequences of continuing the chase - and the consequences of giving up.

Right now - they figure if they can get away this pursuit is worth it because the penalties of risking dozens or hundreds of innocent lives is so minimal. This is sickening. This has GOT TO STOP. Something has to be done about it. How can our legal system justify a slap on the wrist for putting dozens or hundreds of people at risk?
Ouch! Banging head on keyboard

I honestly believe that if a felon running from the potential of a year or two in jail - KNEW he would be facing a year or two in jail for every person he put at risk during this chase - would be much less likely to continue to run.

Something has to be done to save the innocent lives of those on the roads with these maniacs, and that something has to be - changing the laws. I'd like to see those laws change before hundreds more have to die or be seriouly injured. But as I said - I'm just one person what can I do? I think about all those in history who were believed they were just one person - and yet made a difference. I'd hope that I can as well, or reach someone who can.

The next person to die from being on the road with some guy who was running because he didn't want to spend a year in jail - is going to die BECAUSE our laws make it worth it to the criminal to run. Something can be done about this. And needs to be. I'd really like to see someone, if not me, get this ball rolling...
It's clear our legal system is clueless, and couldn't get a clue if it were in a herd of horny clues, in the middle of clue mating season, covered in clue musk. But I'd like to see them get-a-fucking-clue before another innocent bystander has to die.

If someone here can write really well and would know how to write up or get a petition started to get this idea on the drawing board please do so.

Also I'd be intrested in knowing who we'd contact to get the ball rolling - perhaps those working for M.A.D.D. could give us some incite on that if we can get a clear agenda written up?