Well fellow noders, I've decided to stick a toe back in the water here with an insignificant ramble. I sometimes wish there were an "E2 for dummies" website, not for really pointless type nodes, but basically a place that accepts those of us who never learned, or have (like myself) forgotten all they did learn regarding grammar, and punctuation. There are so many things I'd like to write about here, but overcoming the language barrier is really tough. I guess logically I should get some jr. high or high school grammar books and relearn all this, if I wish to fit in here.

The amount of time it would take me to get "good enough" - is it worth it? This place wouldn't suffer greatly without those things I might have to offer, and they can still be offered here in other ways besides me noding them. So I wonder if it's really worth it to me?

I used to, believe it or not, write for others. And in college I scored 500 out of 500, or 200 out of 200 (whatever the case may have been) on every writing assignment I wrote. This because I was fanatical - I read oh 30+ books on AT&T for my Big Brother wins the battle, America loses the war“ paper - it was just supposed to be a little ditty about government regulations minimum 10 pages, mine was over 20 pages (500/500 btw + 20 EC.) This is because my writing assignments no matter what they might be about, I wrote in the same way as my ritalin rant (with passion, interest and conviction) - and when it was all finished, I'd usually get my friend to toss in a few commas and ;'s in where needed (unless of course it was an English class!).

E2 sometimes feels like "everything" for a select group of people who either write well, or those who do not care that they do not and will still contribute here. My self-esteem was at rock bottom when I happened upon E2, being here honestly makes me feel like I belong back in the 5th grade.

I'm not complaining about E2; I don't know that I would have stuck around and ended up addicted to this place, if the majority here wrote like I do.

I'm just sharing my thoughts since that's what daylogs are for.

I have to wonder if the time I were to spend learning to write proper grammar and punctuation would be worth it? What would I gain? What would E2 gain from me doing so? What else could I spend that time doing that would be more beneficial to myself or to others? Honestly, I need to learn math! I would have had 3 degrees had I not been opposed to learning math, only thing I ever really learned or needed to learn in math was P/R*B.

I originally came here for fun and entertainment (learning is fun and entertaining for me - hence my literal addiction to the library for a few years) but it's not as fun for me because I have so much I would like to share but really don't feel I am "good enough" to do so.

So I pretty much hide here in the daylogs where people do not seem as critical or caring about periods, commas and sentence structure. I guess I could write all I wish to share here in daylogs, but the problem there is in someone searching and finding the topic I were to write about.

Another option would be to learn just enough to "get by"; but I know my obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist self - if I really get started on that by the time I'm done I'd be able to teach college English.

I still love E2, just wish I'd come across this 10 years ago when I could write more like the majority here. Well for those still with me, thanks for your time, I will figure this out somehow.