E2 is outstanding, and the amount of bandwidth this place requires per day must be incredible. The cost of maintaining this place can't be pretty. So I'm suggesting a E2 NET-A-THON. Let's work together to help offset the operating costs here at the place we all enjoy so much.

I propose anyone reading this /msg me with the reasons why they use (and/or love) E2, and a challenge to their fellow noders to meet and I'll post it here. My goal if I can be so bold, is to (at minimum) double the previous month's donations. And my pipe-dream is that we break their current record for donations in a month. Can we do it? (We could do that if everyone reading this node donated the cost of their next Latte)

For me personally, I love E2 because I'm a compulsive addictive type person and this place is my drug of choice. I was once addicted (for real) to the public library, had 8 years clean of the non-stop reading addiction when I found E2. E2 is a place I can spend endless hours, reading and learning about any topic under the sun. Just about every culture, nationality and so on, is represented here. I often wonder how many backups they have of this database, because one or even two backups wouldn't be enough for me.

My challenge:
Fellow E2 addicts - send in a donation equal to your age. For me that'd be um 30 something dollars. For you? :)

An Anon challenge from a level 2 noder:
Level 2 noders, donate 50 cents times your number of nodes, or 50 cents per Ching you've been given.

Entertainment combining the quality of academic standards and the intrigue of television ought to cost somewhere between the price of college and cable.

I challenge all level 3 noders to donate .50 cents for each day they've logged on since their last donation.

Please send me your 'reasons' and your challenge! I plan to contribute the amounts of the first two challenges personally - if they are reasonable.

Operators are standing by.
Let's Do it!

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