Oakland lost!!! I'm not a happy camper today. But congrats to the Tampa fans. Hehe teasing, congrats guys, next year it's AWWWNN.

I've been thinking alot today about the lag here at E2, wondering how many people get irritated with the slow speeds at times? Well I'd like to say this and it's just my 2 cents ok? If you have not donated to the operation here than you have yourself, and everyone else who has not donated, to thank for the lag. I think those of us who haven't donated yet need to give it some thought.

Imagine the time you, yes you, spend here at E2, imagine how much you'd pay for one nights entertainment at the local bar, or movie theature. Imagine if everyone addicted to Everything donated just one night's enteratinment worth of funds to E2? Or at least lets get realistic and imagine just the top 10,000 users / lurkers here did so.

I suppose that's unrealistic, most people don't take the time to think about this, or have higher priorities than this place that provides them with so much entertainment.

Lets think realistically then? What's E2 worth to you? Say if they decided to stop taking on the burden of the costs associated with it? If E2 were to disappear tommorow would YOU think it would have been worth a buck a month? 2? maybe 3? You pick a figure that's within YOUR budget - 12 a month? a year? 24? 36? AND send em a check.

What those in charge choose to spend it on is entirely up to them so if the server doesnt' get any faster, perhaps it's because they are choosing to spend it on past bills, or a well earned vacation to Jamaica (Trust me, stay at the Grand Lido and visit Hedonism if this is your choice) Or perhaps they need to spend every dime on therapy since I'm sure this place has driven them cccrrraaazzzzyyyy by now.

I figure since I spend oh 3 hours a day here (you buy that don't you???? Good!!!) it's worth at least 3 bucks a month to me, I pay that much for a double mocha, so I plan to put my money where my mouth is.

I honestly hope I haven't offended anyone with this lil rant, I just speak the truth. Let's all do a little, I can't imagine $12.00 being to much for anyone, but if it is send 'em what you can, everything adds up!

Your say $12, $24, $36 bucks or what-have-you may not seem like alot to you but it would really add up if we all just said "oh sure I can spare it" - it's what .05 cents for every hour I spend here a month?"

If I have you motivated - try the Donation Box for more info!

Oh and for all those who do contribute reading this - thanks - this place is awesome and ya'all make it possible :)

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