Like the majority of Americans I'm hyped up for Super Bowl XXXVII. GO Oakland! GL Tampa!

Spend most my days exploring E2 so have little of interest to share here. I thought I'd share something pretty funny however. I read the catbox archives and the chatterbox at times. For the first few weeks here I could not for the life of me figure out what the TBBK acronym meant.

I searched the site for the answer, searched the jargon lexicon, the various FAQ's and so on. Tried, and tried to guess what it might mean and came up with all sorts of ideas. But every time I'd come up with an idea, it wouldn't fit with the next time I saw TBBK: yada, or "yada, yada TBBK" so I was back to the drawing board!

Finally - it hit me, it stood for "TheBooBooKitty" - must be nice to have an acronym just for you eh?!?! I could kick myself now for having spent so much time trying to figure this out, but still I can't help laughing about the choices I'd come up with for the meaning of TBBK.

I can certainly understand though why the name has been shortened, the name is used 100 times a day, imagine typing TheBooBooKitty that many times?

That was just one of hundreds of things I've learned since joining E2, the learning curve here is tougher than any I've ever experienced, but enjoyable and challenging.

While I still have a few top pet peeves to rant on, and my two daylogs so far seemed well recieved, I thought I'd spare ya'all anything too heavy tonight.

For those of you watching, enjoy the superbowl, and please don't drink and drive.