I know 'noding about noding' is highly discouraged here, even though there are more nodes about noding then one could possibly count. So I hope it's safe to do a little daylogging about noding instead (since these are my thoughts for the day). If I were to make this a WU I'd title it “E2 Quicksand” - a fitting title. This is how E2 feels sometimes, like quicksand. The more you try to dig out the more you sink in.

A quick example of this would be - I just wanted to explain my name to ya'all without a GTKU type node, so I posted the reason behind it in the song Kiss This - but in doing so I thought I should also explain it's author Aaron Tippen, and in looking for links for him I was shocked to find how many of our greatest singers of all time had not yet been noded. So then what? I decide to node a few of my favorites, but then that leads to so many MORE nodes needed to explain various aspects of what I noded in each of those nodes. It's seriously a slippery slippery slope that just keeps getting slicker. It never ends does it!

I thought I could use a change of pace from my Hall of Fame bio's - so I thought {silly silly me) that I could just post a few sweet lullabies from one of our great authors, but of course NOW I need to do his bio too, and of course one song led to another... ok so then what? I needed a break from that so I tried something I truly have no interst in, thinking I could let it go there. But that won't work either will it! Every time I try to make softlinks I end up thinking, hmmm that should be covered too. (banging head on keyboard)

I have a list of things I really want to write about here, but I know I'll never get to them, this quicksand just keeps sucking me in deeper. “Get a rope!”

When I first started lurking here, I thought it was really depressing because just about *everything* worth noding has already been noded. I was wishing I'd joined here 2 or 3 years ago. Thank goodness I didn't. I'd have been committed by now!!

No matter what I try to node it just keeps leading somewhere else. I should have known better then to start on a Nobel Prize winner, just in trying to make a short little bio of him I now feel the need to explain a half dozen things I mentioned in that node, which you know will lead to another half dozen... and so on. And of course I feel I haven't yet done him justice which will lead to more info in that bio which will lead to...i n s a n i t y.

The name of this site “Everything” is a paradox!! It should be named QUICKSAND, a much more fitting name I think.

I have no doubt at some point I'll find my sanity again, until then I plan to sue E2 for mental anguish sometime soon. (looking for the lawyers on call nodes.) Oh, I know! Dialing the “McDonalds made me fat” lawyers...