Betty Williams (born 22 May 1943) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a co-recipient with Mairead Corrigan of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for her work as a cofounder of Community of Peace People.

Community of Peace People is an organization dedicated to promoting a peaceful resolution to the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Williams is the President of the World Centre of Compassion for Children International. She also heads the Global Children's Foundation whose mission is to provide a strong political voice for children in areas afflicted by war, hunger, social, economic or political upheaval. . Williams is also a founding member of the Nobel Laureate Summit.

According to Wikipedia in her acceptance speech, Williams said:

"That first week will always be remembered of course for something else besides the birth of the Peace People. For those most closely involved, the most powerful memory of that week was the death of a young republican and the deaths of three children struck by the dead man's car. A deep sense of frustration at the mindless stupidity of the continuing violence was already evident before the tragic events of that sunny afternoon of August 10, 1976. But the deaths of those four young people in one terrible moment of violence caused that frustration to explode, and create the possibility of a real peace movement...As far as we are concerned, every single death in the last eight years, and every death in every war that was ever fought represents life needlessly wasted, a mother's labour spurned".

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