♪ Today Is My Birthday ♪
♪ Happy Birthday To Me ♪
♪ I'm 29 Again! Yes It's True! ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to Rancid_Pickle Too! ♪

Ok, ok, so I'm clearly not a poet! I tried!

E2 is handy for us USA West Coasters - we get to start our birthday's 7 hours early!!

My Birthdays were always great till about 10 years ago - after that I spent several really depressed. But not anymore - I'm doing great this year and not depressed at all :) I am heading for Montana in the morning.

I tend to get very nostalgic on my birthday - even when I was 18 I was nostaligic on my birthday! Thinking back to years past and the fun I used to have, and thinking about where I'd planned to be on that particular birthday 'life-wise'

I'd really like (for my birthday) - for those under about 35 to humor me and just pass the rest of this node on by, because I don't think you'll enjoy it and I don't wish to waste your time. Thank you, hug!!!!

For those 35ish+ still with me - I'd like to share a list I made for E2 when I was a brand-newbie... this list is derived from a question I posed to my friends at the tvclubhouse.com

The question was "Do you remember when....long haired freaky people need not apply?"

The answers kept me and my friends laughing and remembering for days.

So I compiled this list of answers, my own and theirs, to share with you. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did and get a good laugh. If you have any suggestions for me to add to this list I'd love it - please /msg me!

Do you remember...

gum wrapper chains?
when bell bottoms first came out?
the "love ins" at Golden Gate Park in SF ?
Chatty Cathy dolls?
getting milk delivered every week to the front porch in real bottles?
paper dolls?
drive in theaters? drive in restaurants?
when roller skates had to be put on using a key?
wearing dog tags to kindergarten for identification?
when it wasn't scary to walk to school alone
or play outside under the street lights?
when hitch-hiking and picking up hitch-hikers was reasonably safe?
trick or treating when it was considered totally safe?
hiding under your school desks to prepare for a nuclear blast?
Green stamps?

Do you remember...

not worrying about locking the front door?
using knobs & dials to change channels and volume on the TV?
having to wait several minutes for the TV to warm up? sea monkeys? cigarette ads on tv? bandana halter tops? flip flops? when you could buy a volkswagon beetle for $1995 and they threw in a 10 speed bike chinese finger tortures? when the most dangerous thing you could get from having unprotected sex was pregnant or a venereal disease? Betsy Wetsy? Velvet doll (with the long blond hair that grew)? and her big sister Chrissy?
getting a gift when you got a full tank of gas at a gas station?
betamax? party lines? flower power? Kent State? when the population of Albuquerque, New Mexico was under 200,000? love beads? 300-baud modems? when a 14.4 baud modem was considered FAST? the fringed leather jackets and camel chaser shoes? Do you remember...
marbles you played with instead of just collecting? Odds or Evens?
life before microwave ovens doing calculations in chemistry class on a slide rule? hokey pokey? wearing Dittos? Farrah Facett's hair?
full size lockers in school? (
5th grade "The movie" that only girls were invited to? when we went to the moon and the whole world was watching? klic klacs? when all watches were analog these little tiny plastic "dolls" they were about half an inch tall? they came in packs of 50? or was it 100? saying "straight legs SUCK!!" fizzies? double dutching? when AIDS was a diet chocolate.. not a life threatening disease? when Ron Howard had hair and was a six year old son of Andy Griffin living in Mayberry? Do you remember...

those goofy clear/colored laminate sheets for your black and white tv that had blue for the sky and green for the grass and a clear strip in the middle? tie-dying shirts? when it was ok to talk to a stranger, or be a stranger that was willing to help out? Miss Merry Mack? Dailing for Dollars? Name that Tune? Hee Haw?
Laugh-in, Smothers Brothers or the Beverly Hillbillies?
TRS 80 and Commodore 64's and when 64k was ALOT of memory? peasant dresses and blouses? John Kennedy's funeral? full service gas stations - outside Oregon?
when pop rocks were all the rage?
learning to use an abacus in grade school? the Patty Hearst kiddnapping / bank robbery? when parent's could spank their kids and when computers were huge machines in office buildings Do you remember...

mood rings? when the cost of a "coke" was raised from 7 cents to a dime brownie cameras? when it cost a dollar to go to the movies AND get refreshements? nickel candy bars? the NBC peacock with all the colorful tail feathers> being taught in elementary school how to use a dial phone? when McDonald's was only 2,000,000 served when the Green Hornet and the Invaders were on TV? LP's and 45's and 8 track tapes? when uniform skirts had to touch the ground when you knelt down Do you remember...

when pay phones went up to 10 cents? and a stamp when up to 7 cents?
when postcards cost a penny?
Puka shells?
the first typewriter that did it's own erasing?
making romper stompers out of coffee cans?
Jacob's ladder with string? 100 bottles of beer on the wall? Found a peanut . . . ?
Kick the Can? four-square? red rover red rover?

when Cracker Jack's had real toys in them? gymsuits? the one peice snap-ups? when sodas only came in glass bottles? using a wooden spool with the 4 nails to make a long rope? Do you remember...

the Trixx comercial and feeling bad for the rabbit?
the Mitch Miller Show?
when the underwear section of the Sears Catalog was 'naughty'?
ole mary mac mac mac all dress in black black black?
when penny candy was really a penny? when mom's ALWAYS wore aprons? and spent how many hours a day ironing and darning socks? when dad's always had a handkerchief in their pocket?
when they came out with erasable pens?
peanut jeans? Maxi skirts? hot pants? go go boots? Earth shoes? when mom used to wrap our sandwiches in wax paper? the original Mr. Potato Head - where you used a real potato? when they came up with beltless pads? Cabbage Patch Kids? Qbert? the Rubicks Cube? bloomer gym outfits> Magic Rocks? when shag carpet was cool
squirt gum? gold nugget gum?
Conjunction junction...what's your function? romper room?
when children were 'seen but not heard'?
flash bulb and cubes for cameras?

and finally...

Do you remember when we thought 35 year olds were "OLD"? :)